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As you would rightly expect, Houston Pest Control is fully licensed and insured. We are proud to have grown into nine locations which are all locally owned and operated. Our employees live, work and care about the areas they service because they are so invested in them. This also guarantees local expertise in dealing with any pest issues. Our local pest providers are well-versed in the latest biology and behavior traits of the many pests we prevent and treat in Houston Texas and our other service areas.

Smarter and More Responsible Pest Control

Houston Pest Control implements a smarter and more responsible pest control approach through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Service model. IPM is an environmentally friendly method that focuses on pest prevention rather than large amounts of pesticide like a lot of our competitors. During our service visits, we monitor our customer’s homes and businesses and alert them to any conditions that could attract or allow access to pests.

Our Pest Control Strategy

Our basic strategy is to assist homes and businesses in preventing pests and termite problems before they have a chance to take hold. In order to provide our customers with the latest innovations in pest control, we educate and train our technicians with the most up to date techniques and methods. We keep our costs to our customers as low as possible to make it affordable for everyone in our vast service area. From our residential neighbors to the many businesses in our communities, we are here to prevent and rid your residence and business of annoying and dangerous pests.

Educated and Trained Pest Technicians

Our hard-working and devoted pest technicians are trained to assess your pest problems and devise a personalized, custom pest control solution to best meet your needs. The Houston Pest Control Staff is full of highly-trained and experienced pest professionals focusing on residential and commercial pest control excellence. At the very core of Houston Pest Control is a commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability and superior service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Pest Service

Pest-Control-GuaranteeOur pest control service is satisfaction guaranteed. Houston Pest Control guarantees that if you continue to have excessive pest problems, despite giving us repeated opportunities to manage them during any given month, we will refunded or credit 100% of your last regular bi-monthly service fee until we can bring these pest problems under control. Further, if you should experience a pest problem in between our regularly scheduled visits, we will provide additional pest control service visits at no additional cost to you.

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