Raccoons Cause Property Damage & Can Transmit Dangerous Diseases Through Bites & Bacteria

Raccoon Populations are Growing in the Houston Area

Texas is home to a wide variety of wildlife, many of which are enjoyable to observe. However there are many species of wildlife in Texas that are more of a nuisance than a joy and can do a great deal of damage to your home and property.

Where do Skunks Live, Nest & Sleep? When do They Release Their Odor Spray?

Homeowners often times encounter the presence of some type of wildlife on their property. In some cases this can be an exciting encounter and even a great photo opportunity. Unfortunately not all wildlife causes as much excitement as they do terror.

Yellow Fever & Asian Tiger Mosquito Zika Virus Transmission & Symptoms; Call us for Mosquito Pest Control!

With new cases of Zika virus appearing in the United States every day, it is imperative that the general public take steps to educate themselves and stay current with new literature on emerging blood borne viruses. To date,

How to Get Rid of a Roof Rat Infestation in your Attic & Home

One important and necessary New Year’s resolution should include keeping your home safe and secure throughout the entire year. As far as pests and rodents go, there are many ways they are able to gain access into your home,

Childcare, School, University & Educational Facility Pest Control Management

An environment for healthy learning should be clean, healthy and kind. It takes more than just a room full of books and a teacher to provide a healthy learning environment. The classroom experience has a daily impact on its students,

Carpenter Ant Identification, Size, Damage Caused & Pest Control Management Methods

One of the most common household pests that humans will come into contact with is the ant. One of the most destructive species of ants is the carpenter ant. The discovery of a carpenter ant colony is usually when a home is being inspected for a purchase.

Pest Management Measures in Hotels & Motels; Bedbug, Roach & Pest Prevention & Control

Hotel and Motels are about to become jam packed full of people that are on vacation and bringing in the New Year with fun and exciting celebrations. New Years is the busiest traveling time of the year and hotels and motels are booked up waiting for their guests to arrive and enjoy this festive time of year.

Kissing Bug Chagas Disease Pest Prevention; Bite Marks, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s the time of year to put up the Christmas tree, turn on the Christmas lights and hang the mistletoe so you can enjoy that special holiday kiss from a loved one. One kiss you will want to avoid this holiday season is that of the kissing bug;

Mice Pest Control; Diet, Common Entry Points & Preventing Damage to Homes

It is the holiday season and you are probably gearing up for friends and family to visit your home these last few weeks that is left in the year. Holiday parties and festive get-togethers are a great way to celebrate the Christmas season,

How to Get Rid of the Cricket Insect

There is one sound that some find more annoying than others and sometimes seems impossible to locate the source thereof. The sound of a cricket can be extremely grading if it doesn’t ever seem to stop. While the noise that a cricket makes can drive some people mad,

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