Carpenter Ant Identification, Size, Damage Caused & Pest Control Management Methods

Carpenter Ant Identification, Size, Damage Caused & Pest Control Management Methods

One of the most common household pests that humans will come into contact with is the ant. One of the most destructive species of ants is the carpenter ant. The discovery of a carpenter ant colony is usually when a home is being inspected for a purchase. Carpenter ant nests can consist of 300 ants or more, which can make a home owner feel quite overwhelmed when they are seen crawling around in an attic space or other area of the home. Carpenter ants are often mistaken for eating materials that a home is made of, like termites. However, this is not true at all. Carpenter ants actually burrow through wood and other materials of a home only to expand their nests.

Carpenter Ant Damage

The carpenter ant can cause a significant amount of damage to a home. When a carpenter ant burrows through the wood and other structural points of a home, they weaken those areas, causing a dangerous environment for those living within the home. The structural integrity of a home is put at serious risk when carpenter ants have invaded. A carpenter ant infestation that has been in a home for a long period of time requires a great deal of major repairs to make the home safe to live in.

Carpenter Ant Life Cycle

Like all other species of ants, carpenter ants pass through four life cycles. These cycles include the egg stage, larva stage, pupa stage and adult stage. The whole sequence of the four life cycles takes about two months and normally occurs during the summer. The queen carpenter ant will lay about 15 to 25 eggs at a time, consistently expanding the size of her colony. If a carpenter ant colony is allowed to exist within the walls of a home for 6 to ten years, there can be a colony of up to 2000 ants living within the house. When a colony of this size has developed within the walls of a home, removing the ants on your own is impossible.

Professional Carpenter Ant, Insect, Termite, Rodent & Wildlife Pest Inspections, Control & Removal

The best way to protect your home from carpenter ants is to call in the help of a professional pest control service. Having your home regularly serviced by a pest control technicians will eliminate the presence of carpenter ants and all other insects that attempt to gain access into your home. If you suspect that carpenter ants are in or around your home, contact Houston Pest Control today. Protect your family and the structural integrity of your home from carpenter ants by hiring Houston Pest Control to take care of your home today.

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