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At Preventive Pest Control, our Houston roach pest control services provide relief and clearing of existing roach problems whether they are minor or major infestations. A small population of a few cockroaches can easily (and quickly) grow into thousands of cockroach colonies if they are not treated and remedied by pest control professionals. Our specialists at Preventive Pest Control can accurately locate, kill, and continually prevent cockroaches from returning to your home or business.


Since cockroaches come in a variety of different species it is very important to determine which cockroach is infesting your home or business. Classifying what type of cockroach species that plagues your home or business is the first step to providing a treatment and giving guidelines to customers for preventative maintenance that serve to help keep roaches gone following an initial treatment. Where cockroaches make their nests, how they populate, and what they eat are all important factors in identifying and controlling a cockroach population. One thing all cockroaches have in common are the signs they leave that let you know they are present.


  • Strong odors (oily or musty smells)
  • Cockroach carcasses
  • Visible oval-shaped cockroach eggs
  • Cockroach shaped shell sheddings
  • Cockroach feces
  • Seeing cockroaches during the day


When using over the counter sprays and pesticides to treat a cockroach infestation these chemicals unfortunately only eliminate just a small portion of roaches that exist. Spending money on over the counter solutions rather than getting pest control services like ones we offer at Preventive Pest Control can end up costing you more money in the long run. This is true due to the ineffective solutions and inspections that can easily be made by a novice homeowner or business owner. When you choose Preventive Pest Control our services and solutions are guaranteed to provide a full-scale extermination with complimentary guidelines from our specialists for preventing infestations from happening again.

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