Cockroaches in Houston; Survival Needs, Rapid Reproduction Cycle & Dangers of Disease

Cockroaches in Houston; Survival Needs, Rapid Reproduction Cycle & Dangers of Disease

Cockroaches are one of the filthiest pests that home owners will come into contact with. Roaches are excellent scavengers and have the ability to adapt to almost any environment. Although cockroaches are almost always associated with filth, they have been known to infest the cleanest of homes and office buildings. Cockroaches have the ability to invade any home. Houston provides the perfect climate for cockroaches to thrive; our semi-tropical climate creates a perfect breeding ground for all insects, especially cockroaches. Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to remove on your own, as they can multiply in large numbers almost overnight, resulting in mass infestations.

What do Cockroaches Need to Survive

Houston residents that have experienced difficulties with cockroaches often report that the cockroaches gained access into their home through cracks, crevices and tiny openings that were present around the house. Cockroaches can also get into Houston homes from taking a ride on used furniture, grocery bags, pretty much anything that you bring into your home. Cockroaches in Houston try so desperately to get into your home because it offers the perfect living conditions a cockroach needs to survive. Your home provides food, water, shelter and a plethora of hiding places to raise a massive family of cockroaches.

Cockroaches Rapid Reproduction Cycle

The cockroach’s ability to reproduce is outstanding; one single roach egg can hatch more than thirty two roaches in just thirty days. That number is staggering if you take into consideration that there may be hundreds and hundreds of roaches laying eggs inside of your home at one time. If you see one cockroach in your home that almost always means that there are a great deal more hiding within the walls of your house. Cockroaches will reproduce inside of your walls and any other voids within the structure of your home.

Cockroach Disease Symptoms

Cockroaches in Houston carry a variety of different diseases and bacteria that are extremely harmful to you and your family. Some local residents have shown allergic reactions to the presence of cockroaches and react to the cockroach’s feces and cast skins. Cockroaches are one of the most unsanitary insects that invade Houston homes. Remember that when fighting cockroaches, the number one key is cleanliness. Be sure to clean up your kitchen after a meal, leaving no crumbs whatsoever behind. Make sure all garbage is sealed tightly in the can, and take out garbage when it is full, do not allow it to sit in the house. If you are battling against cockroaches and are unable to eliminate them from your home, contact Houston Pest Control today.

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