Fire Ant Colony Facts, Information, Bites, Stings & Treatment; How to Get Rid of them for Good!

Fire Ant Colony Facts, Information, Bites, Stings & Treatment; How to Get Rid of them for Good!

Ants are one of the most common insects that homeowners will come into contact with. They are excellent scavengers and will fit through the tiniest hole possible to gain access into your home. Once inside, an ant will immediately begin searching for food and water. They leave an invisible scented trail for the others in their nest to follow. This trail will usually lead to a food source within your home and to the new nest that has been established in your home as well. Ants travel in large numbers, making an infestation very possible. While ants are common and small and mostly annoying, there is one species of ant that no home owner wants to ever come in contact with and that is the fierce fire ant.

Fire Ant Bites, Stings & Other Facts

Fire ants are usually copper colored and larger than your typical house ant. Fire ants can measure up to six millimeters long and the worker ants are usually more red than copper. Fire ants are infamously known for their painful bites and stings. Fire ants bite to get a grip and then sting. They have a dedicated venom injecting sting, which injects the venom into the skin, causing extreme pain. While a common ant bite may leave a small amount of itch or irritation, the sting form a fire ant can cause extreme pain and discomfort; especially to younger victims.

Fire Ant Mounds in Yard

Fire ants build large mounds out in the open that are fairly easy to spot. Disturbing one of these mounds is a big mistake to make, as fire ants are extremely territorial and very aggressive; especially when they feel at all threatened. Fire ants have the ability to survive in the most extreme conditions, which can make them difficult to remove from a property in some cases. They are more likely to thrive in the heat rather than the cold weather. While fire ants can survive the cold, studies have shown that the majority of a nest will not survive temperatures that fall below freezing.

Fire Ant Colony Infestation

Fire ants can move very quickly, if you are standing on a nest that happens to be in a grassy area, you may not realize you are being stung by hundreds of fire ants until they are halfway up your leg. They move extremely fast and in large numbers. The sting of one fire ant is very painful, but imagine being stung by hundreds at one time. If you are experiencing fire ants near your home, contact Houston Pest today. Our technicians will eliminate fire ants from your property and keep you and your family protected from their harmful stings.

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