Flooding and Pests: What you Need to Know to Protect your Home

Flooding and Pests: What you Need to Know to Protect your Home

Houston is no stranger to flooding and not only does it cause damage to homes but it presents other threats after the fact. Homes that have experienced flooding are more prone to be invaded by insects and experience an infestation. After living through flood damage, a pest infestation is not something that sounds fun to experience. Flooding produces an increased amount of insects and wildlife in certain areas. Insects and small animals seek for harborage and if your home is close by, with a ready supply of food, water and shelter from the elements, then you can bet that is where they will strive to gain access and shelter.

Pest Prevention After a Flood

There are certain steps home owners can take to help prevent the presence of pests in their home after a natural disaster like flooding. Most obvious steps include cleaning your home as best you can after a flood. Removing garbage and debris from your home will help to eliminate pests from coming into your home. It is also important to identify the types of pests you are dealing with. The most common types of pests that will attempt to invade your home after a flood include roaches, spiders, scorpions and ants. Make sure you do a complete clean on the inside of your home. Remember that ants can smell even the tiniest crumb left out on the floor. Also pulling out the fridge and removing any food behind it, any crumbs in cabinets and other tough to reach areas. Though these areas are difficult for you to reach, they are the perfect place for insects to hide out and enjoy a small feast.

Home Pest Inspection Report

Perform a thorough inspection around your home to ensure that you have no leaky pipes, sinks or drains. Insects do not require much to survive, but a reliable water source for them means that they will be building a healthy colony within the walls of your home. Ensuring that you have no leaky pipes or other water leaks will help to keep pests away after a flood. The smallest amount of moisture can sustain a colony of ants for a very long period of time. Insects will often make their first homes in the basement where moisture is likely found readily waiting for them. Inspect every area of your home thoroughly and repair any leaks your home may have.

Wildlife Damage Prevention

Not only insects invade homes after a flood, but larger pests like raccoons, possums and snakes are known to slip into homes that have experienced flood damage. It is important to cover any holes, cracks or crevices that your house has to block any of these larger animals from coming into your home and wreaking havoc.

The best and most effective step you can take to protect your home from pests after flood damage is to call in a professional pest control company. Houston Pest Control will take care of your home after a flood and eliminate the presence of any pests that have invaded your home.

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