Getting Rid of Fruit & House Flies in Houston TX Before they Become an Infestation

Getting Rid of Fruit & House Flies in Houston TX Before they Become an Infestation

Houston is home to a great deal of pests, rodents and insects that come into contact with humans; making life miserable if they are allowed to breed and grow at rapid rates. Some of the most common of these pests are flies. Flies are some of the most annoying pests that humans come into contact with; buzzing around us, flying into our homes through an open door and landing on our food. There are many different types of flies that reside in Houston, but two species are more popular than the others. These species are the fruit fly and the house fly.

What do House & Fruit Flies Eat?

The house fly and the fruit fly will feed on any type of decaying matter. With millions of people in Houston producing millions of pounds of garbage each day, that provides a perfect breeding ground for these flies and it can turn into a large fly population very quickly. Keeping your garbage tied up as tight as possible will help to lessen the presence of flies in and around your home. Try to keep garbage bins lids shut tight, garbage bags tied tightly and leave no trash out unless it is trash day. Keeping a tidy home will keep flies away.

House & Fruit Flies Breed Quickly

The fruit fly and the house fly are similar to other fly species in the fact that they can breed at an extremely incredible speed. A single female fly has the ability to lay up to nine thousand eggs in her lifetime. Once these fly eggs hatch, they rely on warm temperatures to reach maturity. Houston is a great help when it comes to supplying warm temperatures, so the fly population can grow to be off the charts quickly. With their ability to multiply so rapidly, if flies have decided to camp out near your home and have the resources they need to survive, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of; especially on your own.

Indoor & Outdoor Fly Inspections & Control

Perform a thorough inspection around your home, ensuring that all doors and windows close tightly. If you notice any gaps or holes, quickly repair them with caulk or new weather stripping. A fly can fit through a very small space, so even the smallest hole must be taken care of properly. Throughout the years, house flies have grown to have an extremely strong resistance to household pesticides. This can make it difficult to keep the flies away without the help of a professional pest control company. If you are struggling to keep flies away from your home, property or place of business, contact Houston Pest Control today. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in using only the most effective methods to keep flies away permanently.

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