House Fumigation: What is Fumigation Anyway?

House Fumigation: What is Fumigation Anyway?

Pests and insects continue to find new ways to invade homes. They have the ability to fit through the tiniest cracks and crevices in and around your home, and once inside they immediately begin searching for a reliable food source. Homeowners have been battling insects for a long time, using different pesticides and other methods to remove the insects in hopes that they will never return. Some home owners experience the terrible occurrence of a pest infestation. This can require a more drastic method than just spraying a pesticide or setting traps out. House fumigation is a known pest extermination method that is used in extreme infestation situations.

House Fumigation Methods

House fumigation takes a certain amount of preparation on the homeowners part, and is a method of using a lethal gas to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. There are two different types of home fumigation that are commonly used. One is when a professional pest technician seals the structure with plastic, tape or other sealing materials. The other method is when a giant tent is placed over the home during the fumigation process. Both methods show positive and effective results in the complete extermination of insects that have infested a home.

House Fumigation – Killing All Insects and Pests Present

Once a structure is sealed, whether it be with plastic or tape or if the entire structure is tented, then the poisonous gases are released into the structure. The gas remains in the structure for a set amount of time, to allow the poisonous gas to spread throughout the entire structure, killing any and all insects and other pests that are present. After this specific amount of time, the area is then ventilated so the poisonous gas can escape the structure and make it safe for humans to enter into the living space again. When house fumigation is successful, all pests will be completely exterminated and the home is safe to reside in again.

Professional House Fumigation

House fumigation is a process that takes preparation, time and patience. Although it may seem like an endless or ongoing treatment over a few days, the results are usually extremely successful and the chance of any pest still living within the home is very little to none. Be sure that your home is properly ventilated after a fumigation has been performed. The poisonous fumes kill pests and insects from your home, but they also have the ability to harm you and your family if not properly ventilated form your home. For professional pest control service and satisfying pest control results, contact Houston Pest Control.

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