Houston Growth Increases Pest Populations

Houston Growth Increases Pest Populations

As the population of Houston continues to grow at a steady rate, so does the population of pests living here. Houston is home to a wide variety of pests and insects that annoy homeowners, destroy vegetation and even pose a threat to humans. The more people that continue to move to Houston, the more places pests have to hide out, feed off of and build new colonies. Houston provides a moist humid climate that attracts specific types of insects. In this environment, insects and other pests are provided with an excellent environment for breading and growing at a rapid pace.

Reproducing Cockroaches

One pest that continues to grow in numbers in the Houston area is the common cockroach. Cockroaches have a reputation for being around filth and garbage; however it is the humid moist climate that attracts most cockroaches. They have the ability to adjust to almost any environment, but one like Houston’s is favored among cockroaches providing excellent places for roaches to hide. Any dark and damp place roaches can find they will settle in and begin to reproduce.

Venomous Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders

Texas is home to a variety of different spider species, and in Houston there are two species that pose a serious threat to humans. The Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Widow Spider are two venomous spiders that release enough venom to seriously harm a human, especially if immediate medical attention is not provided. The heat and humidity of Houston provide these two spiders with comfortable living spaces and the ability to reproduce. The Brown Recluse spider and the Black Widow spider can be found both indoors and outdoors. It is important for Houston residents to become familiar with these two species of spiders and what they look like.

Hiding Bed Bug Populations

Bed bugs are a growing problem that continues to infest Houston homes causing irritating bites on their victims and difficulty in the process of complete removal. Bed bugs can be brought into the city from new residents that come from out of town. Bed bugs hide in furniture, mattresses and other items that can all act as a shelter for the bed bugs. Bed bugs are great at hiding in tiny crevices and cracks during the day and coming out at night to feed on the blood of a host; which usually ends up being you, a family member or pet. The population of bed bugs continues to increase in Houston as more and more people move here.

Professional Pest Control to Combat Growing Pest Populations

To protect your home from harmful insects and pests, it is necessary to contact a professional pest control company for quality service and pest management. Houston Pest Control provides every customer with the best pest control service available. Keep Houston pests out of your home and protect your family from any threats that the pests pose. Call Houston Pest Control today!

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