How to Get Rid of the Cricket Insect

How to Get Rid of the Cricket Insect

There is one sound that some find more annoying than others and sometimes seems impossible to locate the source thereof. The sound of a cricket can be extremely grading if it doesn’t ever seem to stop. While the noise that a cricket makes can drive some people mad, crickets can also wreak havoc on your yard and in your garden if you do not properly maintain and control their presence. Crickets are nocturnal and there are nearly nine hundred different species of crickets. While the chirping noise they make is annoying, it is the male cricket that is chirping away, trying to attract female crickets nearby.

Nocturnal Cricket Facts

Because crickets are nocturnal, they are also great at hiding in areas throughout the daytime. These areas usually include places like cracks, under bark, inside curling leaves, under stones and fallen logs. Crickets will also burrow into soft soil, like that of a flower or vegetable garden during the day time as well. Crickets are generally a dull brown to gray in color, and while not all crickets can fly, some species can, but do it quite clumsily.

What do Crickets Eat; House Crickets Diet

Crickets possess a very strong jaw that allows them to chomp through a variety of vegetation. Some species of crickets have even been known to bite humans! Crickets can do quite a number on your garden or crops and leave you with nothing left to harvest. Most species of crickets are herbivorous and feed on plants, fruits and flowers. There are some species of crickets that are more predatory and feed on invertebrate eggs, larvae and molting insects. Crickets are excellent scavengers and will find a reliable food source in no time. Do not underestimate the strength and longevity of a cricket.

Cricket Reproduction Rate

If crickets are allowed to linger within your garden or yard, they can soon begin to multiply. Most crickets lay their eggs inside of soil. Female crickets have a very long needle like organ called an ovipositor that allows them to do this. Crickets have many predators that eat them; one of the most popular is the Mediterranean house gecko. People often go to the local pet shop to purchase a container of crickets to feed to their gecko. If you are experiencing a high population of crickets in or around your property, you may have an infestation on your hands. Contact Houston Pest Control today to eliminate the presence of crickets from your property.

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