Keeping Pests Out of Your Pews: Pest Control for Church Buildings in Houston

Keeping Pests Out of Your Pews: Pest Control for Church Buildings in Houston

Insects and other pests make for great scavengers; constantly searching for food, water and appropriate shelter to keep them out of harm’s way. Usually a residential home becomes a shelter for ants, roaches and other pests; making homeowners work hard at keeping them out and away from their property. There are other structures that pests have been known to invade that we as humans don’t often think of as being susceptible to having any type of pest problem. Churches have fallen victim to many different types of pest infestations, and some church clergy are having a difficult time is controlling and removing these annoying insects.

Church Pest Infestations

Churches provide many areas for insects to hide and thrive, under pews, in corners and basements. Churches often times have a kitchen area that can provide a reliable food source for insects, and also water source as well. Insects can fit through the smallest crack or crevice to gain access into a church. If windows are left open then their chances of getting in are even greater, and the variety of species that comes in grows in number. Mosquitoes and other flying insects can make a church their new home if given the opportunity.

Take Me to Church Bee?

Bee swarms have been known to gather in the attics of some churches, as they provide excellent shelter for the bees and a perfect place to construct a new hive. Bees can be a dangerous pest to come into contact with, especially while sitting in a church pew, singing a hymn. Bees are easily aggravated, and loud noise tends to cause frenzy among them, this could result in a serious altercation between church goers and bees during what should be a peaceful Sunday service. Having the church building properly inspected and treated for insects and other pests on a regular basis will assist in keeping dangers like bees from harming your congregation.

Scorpions at Church?

Another common pest that has been present within the walls of churches in recent years in the scorpion, scorpions cause immediate fear once discovered, and their sting can be extremely painful for anyone who falls victim to it. Scorpions can hide in air vents, underneath pews and other areas of church, breading and surviving. Having a scorpion fall onto your hymnal during church is an occurrence that will have you jumping to your feet before you begin to feel the Holy Spirit! If your church is under attack from annoying or threatening insects, contact Houston Pest for the highest quality pest control service available.

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