Killing Ants in Flower Beds: 5 Things All Houston Homeowners Need to Know

Killing Ants in Flower Beds: 5 Things All Houston Homeowners Need to Know

A flower bed garden is a great way to spruce up any yard and make it much more appealing. The flowers are beautiful and can give you something to tend to and take care of. A Houston home is just not complete without some flowers in the yard. The great thing is the look it gives to the home, the bad thing is that flowers will attract ants of all kinds that can make it near impossible to keep your garden alive.

Houston Pest Control has come up with a list of 5 things all Houston homeowners need to know when it comes to killing ants!

Store bought insecticide can be weak: This is the first tip that we can offer. Some people choose to spray their own garden and use an insecticide that can be purchased at their local stores. This can work and will possibly keep some of the ants away, but it is not always the best option. Most sprays that you will find at the store are diluted down and are not strong enough to last so that all the ants can be treated.

Store bought insecticide does not discriminate: The other problem with store bought insecticides is that they can also kill insects and bugs that you want in your garden. There are many pests that benefit the garden and you don’t want to kill them off in the process. A professional that has specialized chemicals can treat the specific problem and leave the rest of the pests to flourish.

Planting the right plants can deter ants: This is a great way to go if you are not comfortable using your own insecticides. You can start with using plants that deter ants and will have them scurrying off to some other place. This natural option is a great idea for anyone that has small pets or even if they have children helping in the garden. The best plant to incorporate into your garden is the Marigold. They are a very easy and hardy plant that can last a long time and don’t need too much work. They come in a wide varieties of colors and can add an awesome pop of color to your garden.

Boil bath can kill the Queen: If you are not in a position to add new plants to your garden you may need to try another option. When you notice house ants in your garden you can use another method called a boil bath. The only way to fully rid the ants in your garden is to kill off the queen. The problem is that the queen does not emerge from the ant’s home and so unless you can get to her you won’t be able to kill the colony. Take a large pot of water and boil it. Then take the water out to the hill and wipe away the top of the hill and pour the boiling water in. The ants will all start to scramble but if your water hits the queen it will kill her. You may need to try this method more than once, but it is a great option … unless of course you are dealing with dangerous fire ants!

Some ants are dangerous: Some species of ants like fire ants are dangerous. If you are stung by fire ants, you certainly know it. Fire ants swarm onto your exposed skin, anchor themselves and then bite the skin. Each sting is said to burn like fire and brings welts that can cause allergic reactions, infections or even death. Unlike other insects that sting only once, one fire ant can and will sting multiple times. This makes fire ants particularly dangerous to small children and pets.

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