Kissing Bug Chagas Disease Pest Prevention; Bite Marks, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Kissing Bug Chagas Disease Pest Prevention; Bite Marks, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s the time of year to put up the Christmas tree, turn on the Christmas lights and hang the mistletoe so you can enjoy that special holiday kiss from a loved one. One kiss you will want to avoid this holiday season is that of the kissing bug; and rather than a kiss it is more like a bite. The kissing bug is a blood sucking insect, like a mosquito, and they typically feed after sunset. Kissing bugs earned their name because they typically bite people near their mouth during the night time while they are sleeping. This is because kissing bugs are attracted to the odors that we exhale, and our face is usually the only exposed area of skin while we sleep.

Kissing Bug Bite Marks

Kissing bugs differ from bed bugs in the fact that they do not burrow under covers or blankets while we sleep. Kissing bugs not only feed on human blood, but they will also attack your family pet as well. They are extremely attracted to body heat, the light that your house emits at night and the odors from our skin and breath. The bite of a kissing bug can be anywhere from mild to extremely painful depending on the size of the kissing bug that sinks its jaws into you. They vary in size and so does their bite.

Kissing bugs are most attracted to your porch light or lights that are shining out of your home’s windows at night. Kissing bugs will fly to this light and immediately begin searching for a way into your home. They are able to fit through the smallest of cracks or crevices to gain access into your home. Once the kissing bug has successfully entered into your home, it will immediately begin searching for blood to feed on. That will either be you, your family or your pet.

Chagas Disease Symptoms & Treatment

There have been some cases where individuals have experienced an allergic reaction to the bite of a kissing bug. These reactions range from mild skin irritation to severe anaphylactic shock which requires immediate medical attention. Another possible health danger that the kissing bug poses is that some are carriers of the Chagas Disease. This is a disease that is caused by a parasite that is living in the digestive system of the kissing bug. If this parasite enters into your blood stream you will become infected. Chagas Disease is responsible for 14,000 deaths every year. If you suspect that kissing bugs are in or near your home, contact Houston Pest Control today.

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