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Our pest control services at Hicksville Pest Control are unique and we rarely treat any two homes the same. We provide customized pest control that begins with a consultation and onsite inspection. A thorough inspection inside and out helps us to identify all target insects, nesting areas and entry points. Identifying target insects allows us to select specific treatment methods best suited to your circumstances. Eliminating nesting harborage areas provides long term protection and reduces the need for harsh chemicals being sprayed in and around your home. Finally, sealing entry points reduces the access of pests to the inside of your home.

Effective pest control service requires knowledge about New York insects such as ants and cockroaches, their specific habits and safe treatment methods that are designed to eliminate pest infestations. With our extensive exterminator technician knowledge combined with our vast experience, Hicksville Pest Control can keep the bugs out of your home and hold the outside insect levels to a manageable level. Identifying and correcting conditions around your home that attract insects is always of utmost importance.

Termite Inspection and Control Services


Not all termites are the same, nor is the subtle evidence they leave to indicate an Subterranean Termitesinfestation. Most unsuspecting homeowners will not discover an infestation until the damage becomes visible.  Because of the cryptic nature of termites, an active infestation can remain hidden for months, years or even decades.

Getting a termite inspection from Hicksville Pest Control on a new home in particular is serious business. We are trained professionals, armed with the experience and knowledge to detect all types of termites. We are your hometown exterminator!

Safe and Effective Bed Bug Extermination


Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on the blood of humans and their Bed Bugpets. While they have been around for thousands of years, calls for bed bug treatment services across New York have increased sharply in recent years. Detecting and ridding bed bugs is definitely not a do-it-yourself kind of project. As they are small and nocturnal, they excel at staying out of sight until after dark when they crawl out of hiding to feast on your blood. At day break they have already scurried back into hiding. Often the only signs of their attack is small bite marks or blood stains on your bedding. Effective bed bug treatment requires both knowledge and experience. Hicksville Pest Control provides safe and effective bed bug control.

We Stop the March of Ants

Most ants are calm and non-intrusive workers. However, they are a nuisance and canCarpenter Ant even damage your home if given the chance! If left unchecked, ants will expand from your backyard and deeper into your home. We can keep the outside population in check and stop the march of ants inside your buildings.

We Find the Cockroaches Hiding in your Home

When a cockroach finds a place with enough food and water, the infestation begins. American CockroachThe interior of homes offer protection and plenty of places for roaches to hide, feed, and breed quickly. Soon a couple of roaches will grow into an overwhelming infestation. If you are seeing even a couple of cockroaches in your Hicksville home, start treatments with Hicksville Pest Control now. Just a single roach seen, means hundreds of roaches unseen, in walls and voids around your home.

We Rid your Property of Stinging Insects

Wasps, yellow jackets and bees are just a few of the pests that aggressively sting in large groups as a way to protect their colonies. This makes it extremely dangerous for people to attempt to resolve this pest problem on their own. Ridding stinging pests from your property should be left to a professional exterminator like Hicksville Pest Control. Our service professionals offer an unmatched level of expertise, and use the most effective and environmentally friendly methods to remove stinging pests from your property and minimize the chance they will return.

We offer Mosquito Prevention and Control

Mosquitoes are much more than an irritating and nuisance problem in New York. MosquitoTheir undesirable ability to spread unwanted viruses through a single bite makes mosquitoes a constant threat that must be properly monitored and controlled. Be prepared before mosquitoes attack with a complete mosquito prevention and control program from the professionals at Hicksville Pest Control.

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