Pest Management Measures in Hotels & Motels; Bedbug, Roach & Pest Prevention & Control

Pest Management Measures in Hotels & Motels; Bedbug, Roach & Pest Prevention & Control

Hotel and Motels are about to become jam packed full of people that are on vacation and bringing in the New Year with fun and exciting celebrations. New Years is the busiest traveling time of the year and hotels and motels are booked up waiting for their guests to arrive and enjoy this festive time of year. Running a successful hotel takes a great deal of time, energy and money. Making sure your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves is a great way to get them to come back for another visit next year. If your hotel has a reputation for being clean, comfortable and guest friendly, you can guarantee that you will be booked up again this time next year.

Cockroaches in Hotel & Motel Rooms?

Hotels that do not keep the same high standards can experience a lack of holiday guests. One of the most common complaints that hotels receive are roaches. Hotels that want to stay on top hire the service of a professional pest control company. Because hotels play host to thousands of people every year, there is also a great deal of garbage, dust, dirt and grime that is brought into the hotel. These are all major attractions for any roach and his family. Having the hotel sprayed regularly will eliminate the presence of roaches in your hotel or motel.

Hotel Bed Bugs; What to do?

Another common pest that frequents hotels and motels is the infamous bedbug. Bedbugs can be extremely difficult to get rid of on your own. In a hotel with people coming and going every day, the bedbug is exposed to a variety of vehicles to move freely throughout your hotel. Bedbugs are first brought into a hotel by the guests that are arriving, whether they brought it in their luggage from another hotel or even from their own home, the bedbug has the ability to shut a hotel down.

Professional Hotel and Motel Cockroach, Bedbug & Pest Control

The best way to defend your establishment from harmful and filthy insects is to hire the service of a professional pest control company. When you hire a professional pest service to take care of your property, you are ensuring that your guests are staying in a safe and sanitary establishment. This will give you a positive reputation among other places, and ensure that your rooms are always full. Contact Houston Pest Control today to keep insects out of your hotel or motel, and keep your guests coming back every year.

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