Pests and Your Houston Garden This Year

Pests and Your Houston Garden This Year

Being able to create your own garden, whether it is fruits and vegetables or just beautiful flowers is a great accomplishment. Your garden is just like a puppy that needs to be tended to and watched over. You have to go out and water the plants at least once and day and just like a little puppy that has been outside, you need to look over them to see if there are any pests wanting a free meal. Garden plants can be a fantastic home for many types of critters and these critters can eat away the leaves, flowers, fruit and veggies that are growing. That means your garden can be sad and devoured before you even notice. Houston is a great place to have a garden but you need to know about a few pests that make it hard to keep it looking good and growing fast.

Houston Pest Control has prepared this quick guide for Houston pests to watch out for:

Snails and Slugs: These critters are a real danger to your garden and can slowly eat away at the plants. The best thing that you can do is to check by hand for these pests. Go out in the early morning when they are most active and remove any and all slugs and snails that you find. One way to catch these critters is to bury a cup in the soil and add a cup of milk to it to attract the slugs. They will see the treat and come on over to feed. You can then remove the cup and start over again.
Aphids: These are a tiny little insect that is hard to see especially on a green leaf. They are small and bright green so they are hard to spot and they don’t move around too much so they can easily go unnoticed. The aphid is a very common pest that will feed on leaves by sucking out the juice from the plant and causing it to dry up and even die. The best way to combat aphids it by adding a different pest to your garden. The ladybug will feed on these little bugs and much more. Adding them is a huge benefit to any garden area and kids love to see them around.

If you need assistance with your Houston garden pests this season, don’t hesitate to call Houston Pest Control today to have one of our skilled technicians out to spray your yard and home.

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