Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Ongoing Protection of your Home from Pests

Protecting your home and family from irritating and threatening pests is unfortunately not a singular event. Safeguarding your property to remain free of the costly damage that pests cause while also ensuring that your family’s health is protected from pests requires a comprehensive custom plan. At Houston Pest Control, our goal is to prevent pest invasions from ever happening. Often, homeowners only think about residential home pest control when they see a cockroach scurry across the bathroom tile or a trail of ants marching on their kitchen counter. Sadly, by that time, a pest infestation has already occurred. Doesn’t it just make sense that the most effective approach to pest management is not just reacting to a pest problem, but to be proactive in preventing pest issues from ever happening in the first place? Take charge now and contact Houston Pest Control today for a free estimate and consultation for home pest control services.

Straight Forward, Common Sense Pest Control

Our straight forward, common sense approach has served us well. Our trusted pest technicians at Houston Pest Control have the expertise necessary to identify all potential threats lurking in and around your property. They can then use their extensive knowledge and experience to develop a protective barrier system to eliminate pest issues before they occur. Just like other components of your home, this barrier system needs to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness.

Our Home Pest Services Targets the following pests:

  • Fire Ant

    Fire Ants

    Ants (various species including fire ants etc.)

  • Carpenter Ants (separate quote required)
  • Spiders including black widow spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Centipedes and Millipedes
  • Crickets
  • Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets (Bees separate quote required)
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Bed Bugs (separate quote required)
  • and more!

We Eliminate Current and Prevent Future Pests

Houston Pest Control’s thorough residential pest control management service eliminates pest issues you have now and prevents future pest issues from ever happening. Partner with us to protect your home and your families’ health. Call to schedule your pest inspection today!

Our Home Pest Control Services Protect your Property

Pests cause billions of dollars in property damage across the United States every year. They can personally cost you thousands of dollars in property devastation. Pest invasions can also cause many health issues ranging from rashes and skin irritations to asthma and respiratory problems to paralysis and even death! As scary as these health implications are; they can be prevented through maintaining a pest free environment. Whether you are currently experiencing a pest issue or are wanting to shield your home and family from potential pest health risks and damage, call Houston Pest Control today.

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