Rodent Control Methods – Ones That Work, Others That Don’t

Rodent Control Methods – Ones That Work, Others That Don’t

Keeping rodents out of your home can seem like a heavy handed task that is sometimes impossible to take on by yourself. Rodents come in all shapes, sizes and species, making it sometimes difficult to identify the animal that has gained access into your home. Knowing how to combat specific rodents is important when it comes to protecting your home from damage and any harmful effects they may have on you or your family. Some methods work very well, while others can back fire and leave you with an even bigger threat or problem. Taking the proper steps in rodent control and extermination is vital in having a healthy home.

Mouse, Rat & Rodent Prevention

One of the most important steps to take to avoid rodents coming near or into your home is to store your garbage in tight containers that rodents cannot get into. If a rodent knows it can get into your garbage bin and enjoy a meal of uneaten food that has been thrown away, then your home is not a far off target for their next meal. Avoid putting your trash out until the very last minute shortens the amount of time they have access to your garbage bins. It is also important to keep your pet’s food stored tightly, never leaving it unopened or out in the open. A rodent will eat almost anything, including your pet’s food. Removing debris and weeds that are close to your home will also help to eliminate the presence of rodents near your home. These can often provide a place for rats and mice to hide. Trimming any tree branches that are close to your roof is another way to keep rodents’ away from your home. If they are able to climb a tree, and walk a branch that hangs over your roof, then you can guarantee that they will shortly be residing in the attic of your home, building a nice warm nest for their family.

Professional Rodent & Pest Control in Houston TX

The worst thing you can do it pretend that you and your home is immune to the possibility of a rodent infestation. Be proactive and take the initiative against rodents. Thoroughly inspect your home for any type of access a rodent may have into your home. Make sure all windows have a screen, all doors are closed and any holes are repaired. Seal food and garbage in tight containers that would be difficult for rodents to get into. Taking these proper steps will help keep rodents’ away from your home. If you are experiencing a rodent problem contact Houston Pest Control, our technicians are skilled and experienced in eliminating the presence of rodents permanently form your home and property.

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