Rodent Control Tips: Protecting Your Houston Home

Rodent Control Tips: Protecting Your Houston Home

Rodents are a major problem for many Houston homes and need to be dealt with by a professional. A rodent can include rats, mice and even raccoons. These are all scary things to come across; especially in the middle of the night. And if you see one, there are more than likely many more that you didn’t see. When these furry critters have decided that your home is now theirs, you have a problem. There are a lot of negatives that can come when rodents have invaded your home.

Rodent Damage to Electrical Wiring, Duct Work & Insulation

What can they do? When a rodent makes its way into your home they usually make their way into the walls and attics. This is where all the electrical work, duct work and insulation is. The rodents are not picky about what they use to nest and chew on so they can start to take apart wires and pull the insulation out so that they can prepare a nest to start a family. All this could be done before you have even noticed there might be a problem. When they start to chew on the wires, this can quickly become a fire hazard since the covering on the wires keeps them protected in the walls. Also, rodents will usually come out at night when the house gets quiet in search of food. This is when they can leave traces of feces and urine that could contain bacteria that is harmful to people.

How do Rats Enter Homes & How to Prevent it

How do they get in? This is a great question. Many times, the outside of your home has lots of areas that are big enough for a rodent to get in and start to invade. A mouse only needs a hole the size of a pea to get inside. There is also the chance that rodents can make their way onto the roof and in through the attic access. One way to help combat this is to be sure that you have your trees trimmed to not hang over the roof and to take some time to seal off any areas around the home that a rodent might fit.

Professional Rodent Control in Houston Texas

Who to call? When you recognize that you have a problem with any type of rodent you want to contact a professional right away. If you have seen one you can rest assured that there are many more that are hiding out of sight. Houston Pest has the ability to rid your home of rodents of any kind. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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