Silverfish Infestations; How to Get Rid of Them

Silverfish Infestations; How to Get Rid of Them

If someone tells you that they have a silverfish infestation in their home, it may leave you scratching your head if you are not exactly sure what a silverfish is. Its name alone will have you thinking this person lives in a lake, but a silverfish is in fact an insect. Silverfish are a small wingless insect that are almost transparent, but give off a bit of a light gray and blue color. The reflection from the sun makes this small insect appear to be silver in color and with its fish like movements that is uses to crawl around, it is appropriately named silverfish.

Facts on Silverfish

Silverfish can be extremely difficult to see indoors as they are nocturnal and tend to be very small in size, measuring only a half inch in length. Silverfish have quite an extensive life span when compared to other insects. Silverfish typically live for anywhere from two to eight years. Silverfish are able to live longer than most insects due to their incredible speed, as they are extremely agile runners and can outrun most of their predators. Silverfish are only fast runners on flat, horizontal surfaces; running up walls is not a strong suit for the silverfish.

Silverfish Reproduction

The reproductive activity of silverfish can take up to a half hour to successfully lay spermatophore which the female silverfish takes into her body. A female silverfish will lay groups of about sixty eggs at one time. The eggs that are laid by the female silverfish are oval shaped and measure in size about an eighth millimeter long. These eggs can take anywhere from 2 weeks to two months to hatch. A female silverfish will usually lay only about one hundred eggs during her lifetime. Silverfish are not poisonous, nor do they bite humans. However, silverfish can cause damage to your home.

Where Do Silverfish Come From?

Silverfish are typically found in attics, basements, bathtubs, sinks, kitchens and showers. While silverfish are not dangerous to humans, they can do a significant amount of damage to a property due to their feeding habits. Silverfish will consume large amounts of glue and paste that are found in the materials your home is made of. Silverfish will also feed on tapestries, silk, linen, cotton and synthetic fibers. If you suspect that you may have a problem with silverfish to a silverfish infestation, it is time for you to contact a professional pest control service. Houston Pest Control is skilled and experienced in eliminating the presence of silverfish from your home.

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