Venomous Spiders Found in Houston Texas: Black Widow & Brown Recluse

Living in Texas, you can find an abundant amount of wildlife, insects, bugs and arachnids. When most people come across any type of arachnid such as a spider, they don’t wait around long enough to know what it is. The normal course of action is to smash it or run for help. A spider is usually a good pest to have around because they tend to feed on the pests that you really don’t want to see. They are not picky and will eat cockroaches, beetles and any other insect that happens to crawl or fly by. The web is built to collect the passerby’s and trap them until the spider comes along and prepares them for a meal. Many spiders don’t have any venom and if they do, it is such a small amount that you wouldn’t really have any reaction to it. It would be the same for any other small insect or bug bite.

There are however some spiders that are found in Houston, Texas that can cause some alarm and Houston Pest Control has a list of venomous spiders found in the area.

Black Widow: When you talk about venomous spiders, you have to include the black widow. It is a spider that has been used in movies to scare off hordes of people and is a go to during Halloween for a quick scare to kids that come by. The black widow spider is actually one of the species you can be scared of. You can identify it by its black body and the red hourglass shape on its belly. If you see one of these you want to be sure that you stay away. They can be dangerous if you are bitten and especially children and small pets can suffer enough that they have to seek medical attention. The name black widow comes partly because of the color and partly because of the fact that the female spider will kill the male after mating; leaving the female spider in essence, a widow. A bite from a black widow can hurt immediately and cause redness and irritation. You may also notice a large welt in the area. If any further symptoms occur after a spider bite, seek medical attention right away.

Brown Recluse: The next venomous spider on the list is the brown recluse. This spider gets its name because of how shy it is. This spider would rather hide then ever go after something or someone bigger than its average dinner. You can tell a brown recluse from other spiders by its brown color and the pattern of a violin shape on their body. If you have been bitten by this spider, they leave a more distinctive bite mark. The presence of a bullseye pattern around the bite would indicate that it is from a brown recluse. You also may notice a blister that may pop and an ulcer type of wound that can appear underneath. This bite effects the tissue around the area and many times will need some medical attention.

No matter what type of spider or any other pest that you come across in and around your Houston home Houston Pest Control can help to eliminate them. Call us today for an appointment.

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