Where do Skunks Live, Nest & Sleep? When do They Release Their Odor Spray?

Where do Skunks Live, Nest & Sleep? When do They Release Their Odor Spray?

Homeowners often times encounter the presence of some type of wildlife on their property. In some cases this can be an exciting encounter and even a great photo opportunity. Unfortunately not all wildlife causes as much excitement as they do terror. One of the most annoying, destructive and detested animals that may come onto your property is the skunk. Skunks may be depicted as a charming form of mammal in the cartoons, but the skunk can do more harm than good and send you running if you see one on your property. One trait that makes skunks dangerous is their ability to adapt to almost any environment. Your home is the last place you want skunks feeling comfortable around. Houston Pest Control will remove skunks from your property.

Where do Skunks Live & Nest? Inspect Your Property for Potential Skunk Friendly Dwellings

Skunks have the ability to adapt to almost any environment and they thrive in many different habitats as long as they have a reliable food source and some form of sturdy shelter. Skunks rarely travel more than two miles away from their established den. A skunk will typically settle down within two miles of a reliable water source. A skunk den is often made of tree hollows, hollowed out logs, brush piles, underneath porches and other structures that provide the skunk with adequate shelter. If no other shelter options are available, skunks will dig their own burrows. Inspect your property and look for potential areas that may be attractive for a skunk to settle down in. If you find a skunk living on your property, contact Houston Pest Control immediately.

Skunks are Known for their Odor Spray

The very first thought that enters into ones mind after hearing the word skunk is the awful smell they emit through their spray. The smell of a skunk’s spray is most recognizable and has no equal when it comes to the foulness of an odor. Skunks are known for releasing a powerful smell through their anal glands when they fell threatened. Skunks tend to emit this spray when they are being cornered or defending their young. Surprisingly a skunk’s spray is their last resort when it comes to defense. A skunk will growl, spit, fluff its fur, shakes its tail and stamp the ground to try and get whatever is threatening them to go away. If you come across a skunk on your property, do not approach it, but contact Houston Pest Control immediately. Houston Pest Control is skilled and experienced in properly removing skunks from your residence.

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