Yellow Fever & Asian Tiger Mosquito Zika Virus Transmission & Symptoms; Call us for Mosquito Pest Control!

Yellow Fever & Asian Tiger Mosquito Zika Virus Transmission & Symptoms; Call us for Mosquito Pest Control!

With new cases of Zika virus appearing in the United States every day, it is imperative that the general public take steps to educate themselves and stay current with new literature on emerging blood borne viruses. To date, there have been no cases of the Zika virus spreading through local transmission from an infected mosquito on U.S. soil. One case in Dallas County, Texas has been reported to have spread through sexual contact. All of the cases, with the exception of the one sexually transmitted case tested positive by returning travelers who contracted the virus from overseas destinations including Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil.

Yellow Fever Mosquito Aedes Aegypti & Asian Tiger Mosquito Aedes Albopictus Bites

Zika virus is transmitted to people through the bite of infected mosquitoes; both the yellow fever mosquito (aedes aegypti) & the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) are responsible for the spread of the disease and found throughout the world including the United States. The yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito are active during the day and are extremely aggressive. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared the virus a global public health emergency.

One in five people infected with the Zika virus will become sick, the most common symptoms include:

• Fever
• Rash
• Joint pain
• Conjunctivitis
• Muscle pain
• Headache

The symptoms are generally mild and last from several days to a week. The Zika virus has been linked to birth defects including microcephaly, a neurological disorder which results in babies being born with small heads to women infected with the Zika virus while pregnant. There are no vaccines and there is no cure other than supportive care which includes rest, plenty of fluids, and acetaminophen to relieve fever and pain.

Zika Virus Mosquito Transmission

During the first week of infection, the Zika virus can be found in the bloodstream and passed from an infected person to a mosquito through mosquito bites. The infected mosquito will then continue to spread the virus to other people. If mosquitoes in the United States were to become carriers, researchers predict that 63% of the U.S. population lives in areas where the virus has the potential to spread during the warmer months and a further 7% live in areas with moderate temperatures that would leave them vulnerable to the spread of infection year round.

Home Mosquito Control

Researchers are working around the clock in laboratories to create a Zika vaccine. Until a vaccine is developed the knowledgeable pest control technicians at Houston Pest Control recommend that mosquito control techniques be utilized including spraying pesticides and emptying any containers with standing water which are known breeding grounds for the yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito.

Contact the professionals at Houston Pest Control and speak to a customer service representative about mosquito control systems.

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